Thursday, November 15, 2012

What About the Justice League Movie??

After a series of starts and stops beginning five years ago (which you can read about here), it seems Warner Bros. has settled on a 2015 release date for the Justice League movie, just in time to rival Marvel's The Avengers 2. Whether the date will be pushed once more is yet to be seen. The cast for the movie chosen in 2007 met with fan disapproval, and has since, of course, been dropped. Henry Cavill will be taking up the mantle of Superman for June 14th, 2013's Man of Steel (see the teaser and costume pics); all other roles, as well as that of the Big Black Bat himself are up in the air. Whether Batman will be rebooted before a Justice League movie, or brought directly in as an already-familiar character is under discussion. (**TDKR SPOILERS**) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing Robert Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, scheduled for wide release tomorrow), who appeared to be taking over for Bats at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, says, concerning a possibility of him appearing in Justice League:
"if the script inspires me and if there's a filmmaker that I respect and connect to...I'd consider anything."
After all the excitement Marvel has been causing, it makes sense that DC would want to get in on some of the action. After the overall mediocrity of last year's Green Lantern, though, I wonder if they will ever truly catch up. I'm excited to see, for better or for worse, some of these characters up on the big screen, and I truly hope they manage to pull it off well.

Though, call me partisan, I can't help but hope as well that, altogether, Marvel will continue to produce better work than DC.