Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Excellent Commentary on "The Avengers"

 Mick Martin writes a very smart article describing "The Top 10 Worst and Best Things About 'The Avengers'". Probably the most interesting and haunting section is the number one con, entitled "Jack Kirby's heirs didn't see a dime from The Avengers". The sorely missed Jack "King" Kirby, along with Stan Lee, created and wrote the original Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and the Mighty Thor comics, as well as the Avengers and others. Kirby, of course, was also the illustrator of these comics, his work being positively immortal. But his descendants did not profit from the movie at all.

Quoth Martin:
Jack Kirby made it difficult for me to see The Avengers.
After Marvel won its legal battle against Jack Kirby’s heirs in July 2011, a number of noteworthy comic book bloggers and critics vowed to give none of their money or attention to Marvel products – including the films – until Marvel made things right with Kirby’s estate.
After my first viewing of Avengers, because of course it’s legally mandated I do so, I immediately went on Facebook to spread my geek-joy. A lot of comments from friends followed, and among them was a professional writer who wrote deep in the thread, “I have so far resisted saying that I hope you enjoy dancing on Jack Kirby’s grave and making the soul-less corporations rich.” I was not very happy with her, but she wasn’t wrong.
I am not proud that I did not side with Kirby. My voice wouldn’t have put a dent in Marvel’s armor, but that’s hardly the point. The guy helped to create the characters that littered the landscape of my childhood dreams, and I see my lack of support towards his heirs’ cause as a genuine failure.
It is stupidly melodramatic, but when I try to come up with an analogy justifying my love for the film, the money I spent to see it in the theater, the money I will spend again on the DVDs, and the fact that I am helping promote it; I think of Rusty Sabich cleaning the blood and hair off the hammer his wife used to kill his lover in Presumed Innocent. I almost can’t help it. I can, but I almost can’t. I fell in love with it, so I’m willing to do wrong to have it.
The whole article is excellent, and is great reading for anyone who enjoyed "The Avengers".

And for anyone already anticipating May 1st, 2015's "The Avengers 2", here's a rundown on just who may or may not be making an appearance in it. Why Black Widow isn't there, I do not know, but I would also like to add Ms. Marvel as a possibility, as well as (hopefully!!) at least a hint at the Vision. I still think Namor is a loooong way off though…

Also the villain has been confirmed as Thanos, who we saw in the mid-end credits sequence of "The Avengers". I have high hopes for this film, as well as a plethora of others planned before and after. But more on that later…